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Welcome to OrangDasht Company website. Orang Dasht Factory produce industrial chemical products such as Resin

Industrial Chemical Products like Resins Copolymer Homopolymer are ready to be produced beside your custom chemical products.

Never been easy to have all you want in easy way you may find.

Chemical Engineering

Producing different and new discovered chemical products..

Coating Products

Pigments and more ready to use materials related products...


Carpet Resin

Special resin which is used by machin made carpet company...

Industrial Chemical

Varrious primary materials for different factory to use as basic ...

Chemical Materials subjected by Business Name...

Orang Dasht Factory Chemical Products:


Chemical Materials


Industrial Chemical


Chemical Subtains

Factory, Manufacture, Industry...

Orang Dasht Company

Producing best quality chemical products which are comparable with foriegn products though with lower and reasonable price.
Our aim to lunch this website is, easing access of our current customers and new factories to request, inquery chemical products and check their availability and price online..

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